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LF PowerPlus

LF PowerPlus

The plus for your power electronics

Ideal for increased torque requirements, lower weight requirements, and automated processing operations

LF PowerPlus are high torque lead-free Powerelements from Würth Elektronik ICS with high torque. Thanks to their brass base body and a stainless steel screw element, they offer maximum torque with comparatively low weight. The screw tip allows easy insertion and positioning of the nut. This creates the ideal conditions for automatic screw fastening. Due to the special design of the base body, you can also equip the power supply elements on both sides in the same position. 

Depending on the pin arrangement and the corresponding layout, currents of up to 400 Amps are possible.

Product overview LF PowerPlus (PDF)

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Key information at a glance

Application possibilities

  • Contacting/ fastening of switches, fuses, etc. (especially with high torques)
  • Wire-to-board for screwing ring terminals
  • Board-to-board

From sample to market

Samples are available even in small quantities.
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Flexible packaging options: bulk, trays or in blister on reel for cost-effective assembly. In addition, you have the option to package the items in ESD blister tape, optionally with Kapton stickers or completely in your desired packaging.

Processing options for LF PowerPlus Powerelements

MPFT (Massive Press Fit Technology)

Massive press-fit technology is the process of pressing solid pins into an electrically plated-through hole in a printed circuit board. Powerelements for press-fit technology have excellent mechanical and electrical properties, making them ideal for use in harsh environments such as high temperature fluctuations or vibration. The press-fit process creates a high performance, gas-tight cold welded connection with a contact resistance of just a few μOhm. This ensures very high current carrying capacity through low resistance contact points.

PCB design 

Printed circuit boards must be designed in accordance with the latest edition of IPC A 600. In the case of solid press-fit technology, the PCBs must be designed in accordance with the Würth Elektronik ICS Press-fit Specification. Special attention should be paid to hole diameter and copper thickness.

THT (Through Hole Technology)

The THT process involves soldering solid pins into electrically plated-through holes in a printed circuit board. A distinction is made between wave soldering and selective soldering. In the former, the entire board is passed over a tin wave. In the selective soldering, the solder joints are approached individually with a tin crucible. The contact resistance of the solder joint is higher compared to the massive press-fit technology. This can affect the current carrying capacity.

PCB design recommendations 

Printed circuit boards should be designed in accordance with the latest edition of IPC A 600. Footprint specifications are available. 

Further information


Torque values for the various thread dimensions are listed on the Technology section. Different material combinations or thread lengths for bushings are not considered. Depending on the thread length, the bushings can be tightened to higher torques.

Current carrying capacity

The current carrying capacity of a press-fit connection must always be considered in the context of the overall system. The press-fit zone has an extremely low contact resistance of 100-200 μΩ, so that the limiting factor is usually to be found in the layout of the PCB or the connection of external leads.

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    (LF) PowerOne

    Flexibly configurable, mountable and proven thousands of times in the field, (LF) PowerOne Powerelements are ideal for mounting or connecting cable terminations or fuses to the PCB.

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    The PowerCover anti-torsion and anti-touch elements provide a secure connection for wire-to-board connections. They fix the direction of the wire-to-board connections and provide shielding.

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(LF) PowerOne

Ideal for versatile & customizable applications

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(LF) PowerTwo

Ideal for through-bolt connectors, especially for high bolt-on forces

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Ideal for connections with Radsok connectors and high contact overlap of the lamella contacts

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Ideal for connections with lamella connectors and high contact overlap of the lamella contacts

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Ideal for combinations of screw and Faston flat connectors in conjunction with low weight requirements

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LF PowerPlus

Ideal for increased torque requirements (from 4Nm), lower weight requirements, and automated processing operations

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LF PowerBasket

Ideal for multiple plugging cycles with low plugging forces, high position tolerance and low weight requirements

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Ideal for the protection of Powerelements (rotation and contact protection)

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