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Lead-free Powerelements

Lead-free Powerelements

Let it be lead-free!

Lead-free high current contacts – efficient and future-proof

Würth Elektronik ICS has been processing and selling the Original Powerelements for more than 40 years. Now the classic is also available in the more sustainable lead-free version: as LF Powerelements.

The LF Powerelements portfolio includes all designs that the market has offered and demanded as standard up to now. Depending on the application, you can choose between the most common manufacturing processes such as press-fit technology or THR/THT/SMT assembly.

Are you currently using a leaded high current contact and want to switch to a lead-free version? Explore our lead-free high current contacts now or let us design a customized Powerelement for you.

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Your benefits with LF Powerelements

Strong like the originalFuture-proof Efficiency-boostingMore sustainableCompetitive
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The LF Powerelements have the same excellent electrical and mechanical properties as the Original Powerelements.

You meet the regulatory standards and guidelines for the use of lead. In this way, you can ensure the safety of new developments and avoid costly re-qualification of existing products.

You will reduce the high effort for the documentation, among others in the SCIP data base.

You're choosing a greener solution that reduces the environmental impact of lead.

Your products will meet the requirements of OEMs who are already demanding lead-free products today. This puts you one step ahead of the competition.

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Find the right lead-free Powerelement now

Find the right lead-free Powerelement now

Discover the variety of lead-free LF Powerelements

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Things to know about "lead-free"

Things to know about "lead-free"

Interested? Then strike now!

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    Discover our LF Powerelements

    Find the right lead-free Powerelements for your needs now with the product finder on our Powerelements online platform!

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    Powerelements samples

    Lead-free high current contacts up close - Get a Powerelement sample kit or choose your own lead-free selection!

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    Cross-reference request

    Looking for a lead-free replacement or an alternative for your Powerelement? Start your cross-reference request now!

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    Customized LF Powerelements

    Not found what you were looking for? No Problem! Let us know what you need - we can design your own lead-free Powerelement.

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    Bring your project to us

    Need development support? Tell us about your needs and we will be happy to advise you on your individual lead-free solution!

FAQs about the topic lead-free

Because lead is a toxic metal that can have negative effects on the environment and  human health, the EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU restricts its use in electrical and electronic equipment. The use of lead-free materials is intended to reduce the risk of lead being released into the environment. In addition, the use of lead-free materials can improve the recyclability of electronic components and promote the circular economy.

Colloquially, the terms "lead-free" and "RoHS-compliant" are often equated and used synonymously in connection with the material composition. In fact, products are described as "lead-free" if their lead limit value is a maximum of 0.1 % by weight. Exemption 6c in Annex III of the RoHS Directive allows "copper alloys with a lead content of up to 4 % by weight" and are considered "RoHS compliant".

Our lead-free LF Powerelements have a lead content of less than 0.1% and therefore meet the RoHS compliance requirements without the use of temporary exemption 6c.

The Original Powerelements consist mainly of the copper alloy machining brass (CuZn39Pb3). Lead as a minor component of approximately 3% provides good chip breaking and light lubrication. This reduces friction, resulting in less heat generation in the machining process. Without lead, machinability deteriorates, resulting in increased demands on the manufacturing process. We have mastered these requirements with the development of the LF Powerelements.

Exemption 6c in Annex III allows "copper alloys containing up to 4% lead by mass". This exemption actually expired on July 21, 2021. As the responsible EU Commission has not yet announced a decision on a possible extension, the exemption remains valid until further notice.

The RoHS exemption 6c was due to expire on July 21, 2021 for equipment categories 1-7 and 10, and partially for categories 8 and 9, on July 21, 2021. However, a number of applications for an extension of the exemption have been submitted on time and are currently under review to determine the scope for an extension of the exemption. As a result, exemption 6c will continue to apply until the EU Commission has decided on these applications, but this may change at any time following a decision by the EU Commission. To understand how this decision may impact your development and product lifecycle, please read our scenario analysis.


Würth Elektronik offers comprehensive compliance support to its customers. This includes the provision of RoHS and compliance documentation as well as advice on the selection and integration of RoHS compliant products. In addition, you can find product-specific information in the <strong>product data sheets</strong> and in the respective product information in our <strong>Powerelement product section</strong>.

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