Powerelement is pressed into printed circuit board (PCB)


The Powerelements 101

Introduction to the technology behind PCB-based power transmission with high current contacts

On our technology page you can find out all about the technical aspects of Würth Elektronik ICS Powerelements. In addition to information on processing instructions and assembly methods, you will also find basic information on printed circuit boards, for example. All information is available on the following three sub-pages.

Technological dimensions

  • Detail view press-fit process with the PEM

    Assembly methods

    • Basics of assembly methods
    • General notes on soldering technologies
    • Connection possibilities of components to the Powerelement
  • Printed circuit board equipped with pressed-in Powerelements

    Powerelements technology

    • Processing information
    • Current carrying capacity and mechanical stability
    • Powerelements in connection with busbars
    • Qualification and packaging
  • Green printed circuit board equipped with Powerelements from above

    PCB technology

    • General principles of printed circuit boards
    • Types of printed circuit boards
    • Design guidelines for printed circuit board layout
    • Drill hole specifications
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Webinars about our Powerelements

Webinars about our Powerelements

You are interested in our Powerelements and would like to find out more about the technical specifications and special features of our products? Then register for our free webinars. You'll learn everything about our new products, relevant directives and regulations such as REACH and RoHS, drill hole tolerances for press-fit technology and much more.

Our next webinars

  • Webinar Invitation for Specifications for Press-Fit Technology dark version

    Join our free webinar!

    Learn more about the fundamentals of press-fit technology, including its principles, applications, and advantages over conventional soldering techniques. Our hosts will share their expertise at our detailed webinar on May 16, 2024 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Webinar recordings about our Powerelements

In cooperation with Altium, we hosted a live webinar with the following content:

  • Design criteria in high power electronics 
  • High current contacts and their placement methods – What to look for in high current PCB connections
  • Altium Designer implementation – how to analyze voltage waveforms and current densities and use Altium A365 for collaborative design reviews with your manufacturer

In this webinar, our power element specialist Günter Behlau will present the Press-Fit Specification 5.1 for the design of printed circuit boards. The following topics will be explained in more detail:

  • Basics of printed circuit boards – through-hole plating and layer thicknesses
  • Tolerances of printed circuit boards
  • Effects of deviations

Whether for cable, busbar, board to board or components connection – High current applications need reliable connecting solutions. In this webinar, our Powerelement specialist Günter Behlau presents the topics below:

  • PCB technology in power electronics
  • Assembly methods and design guidelines for high current contacts
  • The reliability of the Powerelements based on current-carrying capacity and mechanical stability illustrated by reference projects

In cooperation with Vogel Communications Group Verlag and Wieland Werke AG, we organized a live webinar with the following content:

  • Classification lead(-free): The background to RoHS, Reach and ELV
  • The lead-free challenge: Alternatives to lead as a component in copper alloys – qualification, availability and market trends
  • Production of lead-free Powerelements: Insights from qualification – processing, products and applications

Würth Elektronik ICS Tech Talks about Powerelements

  • Thumbnail ICS TECH TALK LF Powerelements

    Würth Elektronik ICS Tech Talk – LF Powerelements

    Lead-free and sustainable: LF Powerelements are based on our robust and reliable Original Powerelements and are the first lead-free high current contacts on the market. 

    Interested? Watch his video to hear our Product Manager explain the benefits and reasons for using lead-free components in your application.

  • Various Powerelements on red background with tech talk speech bubble.

    Würth Elektronik ICS Tech Talk – Original Powerelements

    Our Powerelements are robust, safe and reliable connection and fastening elements for supplying and distributing high currents (up to 1000 A) to the PCB. 
    Are you curious? Watch this video to learn more about the product portfolio, the technical features and their applications.

  • Different PowerBasket on red background with white Tech Talk PowerBaskets

    Würth Elektronik ICS Tech Talk - LF PowerBasket

    LF PowerBasket are lead-free, pluggable Powerelements with a high position tolerance. They allow you to reduce assembly time for your service technicians or customers. 

    Sounds interesting? Watch this video to learn more about the technical features, applications and manufacturing process.

An employee reads a data sheet of a Powerelement on a tablet

Things to know about "lead-free"

Things to know about "lead-free"

Questions about our technology? Contact us!

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