LF PowerRadSok Bolt vertical

MEPT - 9X9 - D3.60/17.5 - P16/1.60/2.50 v - RM2.54

Item number
Ampacity per pin (20°C) ~
10.00 A
Ampacity per pin (85°C) ~
6.00 A
Ampacity component (20°C) ~
160.00 A
Ampacity component (85°C) ~
96.00 A
Brass lead-free (max. 0.1% Pb)
Number of pins
Packaging unit
0 piece
Weight per piece
4.25 g
Customs tariff code / HS-Code
Country of origin
Total height
23.50 mm
Height above circuitboard
20.00 mm
Thread diameter
3.60 mm
Thread length
0.00 mm
Pedestal length
9.00 mm
Pedestal width
9.00 mm
Pin length
2.50 mm
Pin diagonal
1.60 mm
Pin assembly
Full plain
Grid dimension X
2.54 mm
Grid dimension Y
2.54 mm
0.0 Nm
Assembly method PCB
Pressfit Techn
Press-in force min.
960 N
Press-in force max.
4000 N
Press-in speed min.
100 mm/min.
Press-in speed max.
250 mm/min.
Drilling diameter
1.60 mm
Final diameter HAL Surface
1.45 mm
Final diameter Chemical Surface
1.48 mm
drawing / part dimensions
footprint pdf
footprint pdf
3D data
altium data
LF PowerRadSok Bolt vertical

Further product variants

Article nameArticle numberApplicationAssembly methodThread diameterThread lengthCurrent load capacity 20°CHeight over pcb
LF PowerRadSok Bolt vertical
0LF999108PluggingPressfit Techn8.000.00250.00 A34.40
LF PowerRadSok Bolt vertical
0LF999157PluggingPressfit Techn5.700.00250.00 A29.10
LF PowerRadSok Bolt vertical
0LF999206PluggingPressfit Techn6.000.00250.00 A42.00

Processing PowerRadsok Press-fit

PowerRadSok Press-fit Powerelements from Würth Elektronik ICS are pressed into the printed circuit board. Soldering is not required and there is no thermal stress. The manufacturing step fits easily into the process chain and is extremely cost effective.

Processing instructions

  • Use only suitable press-fit tools for press-fitting
  • For Powerelements with protruding lamella, the upper die must be recessed around the lamella. Do not apply pressure to the lamella.
  • A gap of 0.1 to 0.5 mm is recommended between the PCB and the pin base
Sketch for the board-to-board connection process by pressing in PowerRadSok elements

Further information

PCBs shall be designed in accordance with the latest edition of IPC A 600. In the case of massive press-fit technology, the PCBs must be designed in accordance with the Würth Elektronik ICS Press-fit Specification. Special attention should be paid to drill diameters and copper thickness.

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